The Majestic Vision from Jamice Ivie on Vimeo.

Stefany Allongo, Founder and Chief Wedding Planner | The Majestic Vision Wedding Planning | Palm Beach, FL and Milwaukee, WI | | Robert Madrid Photography

Hello There!
Have you ever noticed how there is something truly magical about a beautifully executed event overflowing with personality and details? As a guest, you can’t explain it. As a host, you strive for it. My passion and mission is to help you capture that magic on your special day. We’ll spend hours getting to know each other so that when the time comes to suggest something you’ll love, I’ll be able to tell you what that is.
As the owner and chief planner on each Majestic Vision event, I pour my heart and soul into every event as if it was my own. This personalized, boutique business approach helps each of our clients feel like family.
Some of the great events we’ve helped create are:
~ 2007 Tony Awards
~ RunDisney Events at the Walt Disney World Resort
~ University of Miami Alumni Club Events
~ Palm Beach’s Finest Cystic Fibrosis Gala
~ Junior League of Milwaukee’s Centennial Soiree
~ Plethora of Wonderful Weddings!
As family, you should know that I find joy in the company of great friends and delicious food. So don’t be surprised when I invite you to talk details over lunch. I’m a sucker for all things cheesy-awesome. Meaning I will go out my way during a road trip to see the “World’s Largest Chair” or find the perfect gift to make a friend laugh. My heart will forever be torn between two schools – University of Miami and Clemson University. My husband and family are my biggest supporters and can very often be found helping at our events. I couldn’t do this without them!
I can’t wait to meet you and hear all about your dream day!