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    What Are You Celebrating? Lessons from Disney

    Disney's Princess Half Marathon Start Line | The Majestic Vision Wedding Planning | Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL | www.themajesticvision.com
    When throwing a spectacular event, the key is to focus on the details that touch the hearts of your guests. It’s these details that make the event unique. No one pays more attention to the details than Disney! I was fortunate enough to work on the runDisney event team several years ago. We planned and executed marathon and half marathon weekends throughout the year. These mega-events draw crowds of over 25,000 runners and spectators. From the runner expo to pasta parties to actual races, the weekends are filled with smaller events that all contribute to the overall event weekend. It was a lesson in proper planning, time management and establishing a great team with great communication skills.
    This past weekend was the 5th Annual Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend. Not only was I on the original team that helped bring this event to fruition, but I also ran in the race and have run every year since. This earned me the distinction of “Perfect Princess” this year. The attention to detail that the runDisney team puts into every event was evident at the race but they went above and beyond to make the experiences of the “Perfect Princesses” even better.
    Disney's Princess Half Marathon 2013 Medal | The Majestic Vision Wedding Planning | Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL | www.themajesticvision.com
    As one of 324 runners deemed “Perfect Princess,” I was greeted with cheers from the volunteers and cast members when collecting my race bib. They also presented me with a tiara, bib with the moniker “Perfect Princess” and sash reading “Perfect Princess” to wear throughout the weekend. Anytime a cast member or volunteer saw my sash and tiara, they made it a point to congratulate me. It didn’t take long before other runners were doing the same. It was a detail that wasn’t lost on me.
    During the race, volunteers, cast members and other runners along the route shouted their words of encouragement. It was an incredible feeling to be singled out from the 26,000 other runners. Even the finish line held a surprise! After being sprinkled with fairy dust by fairy godmothers-in-training, “Perfect Princess” runners received a special lanyard for their medal. All these small details added up to make an extremely magical weekend.
    All it took was having a label on my bib and informing the team of the distinction. Something so small on the part of the event team made me feel like an actual princess. So when planning your event, consider what small details can you add to make your guests feel even more special.
    What magical moments have you experienced at Disney?

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