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    Where to Start

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    Like many of you, I have just entered the whirlwind of engagement bliss after the love of my life asked me to marry him (Read about it here!). This one of the most exciting times in my life! Family and friends are sending well wishes while images of my big day are swirling in my head.
    However, before I jump into planning I need to get organized. For me that starts with a few Excel spreadsheets. The first and most important sheet is my “Budget Tool.” This is where all the expenses for the wedding and associated events are tracked. Anything from stamps to catering fees – nothing is too small to track because those little expenses can add up. Using this tool will keep you in line to stay within your allotted budget. Categories include Food & Beverage, Flowers & Décor, Venue Rentals, Entertainment, Lighting & Sound, Photo & Video, Cake, Gifts & Favors, Wedding Attire, Accessories, Hair & Make-Up, Printed Materials, Transportation, Gratuities and Other.
    The second sheet is my “Guest List.” This isn’t just a place for names and addresses. I track how many guests I’ve invited, how many have RSVPed, guest meal choice, gifts received and sent thank you notes. It’s so convenient to have all the information in one place!
    The last sheet is my “To-Do List.” Being able to see everything I have to do from start to finish makes tackling each item in a timely manner more manageable. Plus, it shows me the areas where I can delegate responsibilities to a wedding planner and/or trusted friend. And in case you were wondering, yes…the wedding planner will be hiring a planner to help!
    If you need help creating documents like this for yourself or with your wedding planning, please feel free to contact us! I’d love to help you make your dream wedding a reality. Happy planning!

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