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    What Not to Wear on Your Wedding Day on Brides

    What Not to Wear on Your Wedding Day on Brides.com | The Majestic Vision Wedding Planning | Palm Beach, FL and Milwaukee, WI | www.themajesticvision.com
    Late last week, as I’ve been busy prepping for some up-coming weddings, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from Brides.com informing me that they were going to feature us! Cue my happy dance!
    Today we were quoted in an article on Brides.com titled What Not to Wear on Your Wedding Day. As someone who craves comfort, I was happy to contribute my thoughts on how to remain comfortable on your wedding day. The gist? Wear comfortable shoes and be careful of dresses with boning as they can start to irritate over time. Thank you to Elizabeth for the opportunity to contribute.
    Make sure to read the article here.
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